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Allied Extract provides life sustaining support

Founded in August 2021, Allied Extract provides life sustaining support directly to communities in crisis and conflict.
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Our Story

How We Started

On August 15, 2021, a close friend I fought alongside in Afghanistan called me. Tears in his eyes, he told me his US Citizen mother, brother, and sister-in-law were trapped in Kabul. I worked with partners to get them booked onto flights, but they had no way to get to the airport safely. Like many, they could not move around the city.

I called two other veterans, and we got together. We realized that we needed to build a network of trusted partners to move high-risk people around securely to save people from the Taliban.

On August 18th, my friend’s immediate family flew out of Kabul. Understanding others still needed help, we expanded this effort to other high-risk US/UK/Afghan citizens and their families.

– Harvey G., Co-Founder

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Thank you to the hundreds of Americans and citizens from all around the world and across all backgrounds that help us make it happen! We are honored to know you. Thank you all for your generosity and enabling us to support direct action.

Your support helped us to continue our mission.

Allied Extract provides life sustaining support

We are a 100% volunteer-led organization, and we need your help to continue providing support. Please consider donating today.

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