Ukrainian Orphans Get Help From US Vets NGO

Dobrodeearium, a Ukrainian fund, is proud to announce the launch of the partnership with Allied Extract, a USA not-for-profit organization.

NEW YORK, USA, July 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dobrodeearium, a Ukrainian fund founded by George Arveladze, is proud to announce the launch of the partnership with Allied Extract, a USA non-for-profit organization founded by Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans and focused on humanitarian relief.

Dobrodeearium has set up Bono Fortis, a center for housing evacuated orphanages that currently houses 56 orphans and in August will have received a total of 100 orphan children at its full capacity. Bono Fortis is located in the Chernivtsi region of Western Ukraine. The youngest child currently under Dobrodeearium’s care is only 9 months old, he was 4 months old when evacuated.

George Arveladze, a Ukrainian businessman, is a former member of the Georgian cabinet under President Mikhail Saakashvili, where he served as the Minister of Economy and Chief of Staff of the President.

Since 2013, he lives and works in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, he and his spouse, Anastasia Arveladze, were committed to volunteer activity in supplying displaced orphans with immediate help.

In cooperation with Chernivtsi Regional Authority, the fund was able to secure and renovate a historical building that became home to 56 children on April 25th, and in August the number will go up to 100. The new group will mostly consist of children whose parents are the victims of war, or their location is unknown. Dobrodeearium ensures an ongoing educational program for the orphans as well as professional help for children’s psychological rehabilitation for all age groups of the children.

The funds secured by Allied Extract will be assigned to the daily needs like food and medication for the children living at Bona Fortis.

Allied Extract organized the evacuation of hundreds of at-risk Afghan allies since the fall of GIRoA in August 2021. During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the organization, headed by Lydia Novruzov, a medical professional, has been supporting independent volunteer groups, civilians, and hospitals in Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Kramatorsk.

“This help is crucial for us, for making sure that our orphans are fed and protected, under maximum care and support. The fate of our orphans now fully depends on the generosity of compassionate people and admirable organizations like Allied Extract. We are immensely grateful for Allied Extract’s dedication to doing good and the commitment to finding ways of helping the innocent people and children in dire need,” said George Arveladze, Director, Founder of Dobrodeearium.

“Allied Extract is proud to support Dobrodeearium Foundation’s Bono Fortis center for housing evacuated orphanages. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Allied Extract made a commitment to supplying the front lines with medical equipment, food, and evacuation support. Bono Fortis is a special cause for us, and we will ensure that the most innocent, vulnerable victims of this heinous war are not forgotten,” stated Lydia Novruzov, Executive Director of Allied Extract.

About Allied Extract

Allied Extract is a US-based nonprofit founded by Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans, medical professionals, and others called to serve those in need and provide life-sustaining support directly to communities in crisis and conflict. In the face of the devastating war in Ukraine, Allied Extract has been vigorous in helping the nation under attack. Evacuations, delivering medical supplies and emergency aid, helping provide 1,500 meals per day for the elderly, national guard members, hospital employees, and civilians – Allied Extract has been relentless in finding ways of providing as much help as possible to the Ukrainian people.

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About Dobrodeearium

Dobrodeearium is a Ukrainian nonprofit dedicated to saving the orphans of Ukraine. The organization was founded by a group of volunteers who helped evacuate orphanages from the areas of the heaviest Russian onslaught to provide them with shelter, food, and protection. Dobrodeearium has succeeded in creating a center called Bono Fortis to accommodate evacuated orphanages and provide them with adequate conditions for life, filled with maximum care and comfort. The center is currently housing orphans from 4 different orphanages that have been evacuated from Kharkiv, Izyum, and Balakliya.

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